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Search Results 0 to 47 of about 48 at 6:30.s abc 7 news >> police need your help finding those behind the shooting death of a u.s. postal service worker. mixed reaction on the deal s nuclearith iran' program. get ready for another night of freezing temperatures. it is brutal out there. what is in store for the next few hours and this holiday week? steve rudin keeping track of this cold blast. >> we had wind gusts earlier in the day of 45 miles per hour at reagan international airport. the cold weather will stick around for the evening and overnight hours. take a look at temperatures. it is 27 in frederick, 30 degrees at reagan national airport. , what ithill factor feels like out there, in the single digits. it feels like 23 in arlington this hour. satellite and radar, a few snow showers across western pennsylvania. don't be surprised if you see a few flakes falling around the hagerstown area. is our holiday travel weekend lines, quiet and drive for the day tomorrow. look for heavy rain until late in the day on tuesday. we could be looking at significant snow in the mountains. what to expect coming up in a few minutes.
with the u.s. and other world powers. the six-month interim agreement will limit iran's nuclear program. in return, the sanctions on iran will be eased. many question if this deal could actually work. mark has the latest. >> the united states and other world powers reached an agreement with iran on its nuclear problem sunday. president obama says the six- month accord is an important first step toward a comprehensive solution. >> today, that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure. a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and that it cannot build a nuclear weapon. >> iran agreed to curb its nuclear activities while crippling sanctions are eased. nothe iranian nation does seek nuclear weapons. >> in congress, there is concern on both sides of the aisle that this deal could by iran more time to develop a nuclear weapon. >> we are concerned as to whether iran will give up -- live up to these commitments. >> we trusted the iranians before just like the north koreans on nuclear issues. what have we gotten for it? hide theirue to develo
characters from human to muppet. ♪ >> announcer: keep it right >>> good evening. thank you for joining us. everybody loves a good old-fashioned story of redemption, especially around the holidays. but have you ever heard of strip church? it may sound paradoxical, but for a group of suburban moms led by a former stripper it is never too late to be saved. they have the prayer circle to prove it. david wright joins their leader as she head back to the clubs for one unlikely recruiting job. pope john paul said the opposite of love is not hate, but use, as in using another person for sexual gratification. >> if you want to gather around. >> reporter: the christian tradition teaches love is all about giving yourself to other people. >> we pray for courage to night. we pray for humility. and we just pray that, security, bouncers, management, any bed th -- any bepd thody. lust is taking and coveting. taking a glance. lust is a mortal sin. why would born again christians venture into the lion's den of lust. because they're missioners. >> reporter: when i think of missionary work, i think of mother
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tonight, chris van de graaff joins us with his forecast for shopping. >> you will have to bundle up. take a look at the forecast from the belfort furniture weather center. light.ds are fairly with that breeze, that has really allow those temperatures to drop into the teens and 20's later on tonight. manassas. 31 right now in lexington park. 28 in frederick. as we head through the region -- cold numbers areawide. those temperatures really start to dip back through the evening. that cooler air will still be here and it will be a cool evening under a moonlit sky. we will talk about the forecast for the rest of the week and the weekend coming up in a few minutes. right. thanksgiving is a working holiday for people trying to fix the problems with workers tied to that website face of frantic worry eight hours. our political reporter is live in the newsroom. scott, what do we have? this is a self- imposed deadline, one of the white house set as a goal. a couple weeks ago they scaled back expectations a bit but you can only imagine behind the scenes there is not an abundance of ho
, investigating evidence that trained terrorists were able to come into the u.s. as refugees and slip right into the heartland. it seems they sneaked in with thousands and thousands of legitimate refugees from iraq and there are new images tonight showing why the fbi is so concerned. brian ross starts us off. >> reporter: this fbi surveillance video was made in kentucky. it shows an admitted al qaeda terrorists who had already killed american soldiers in iraq trying to get weapons to kill more of them. authorities tell abc news he may be just one of dozens of men with american blood on their hands, who were mistakenly allowed to settle in the u.s. as refugees. >> these are trained terrorists in the art of bomb making that are inside the united states and quite frankly from a homeland security perspective, that greatly concerns me. >> reporter: the kentucky case unfolded in the city of bowling green where two iraq al qaeda cell members had moved into quiet neighborhoods living here and author. authorities say that waad alwan and ha maddy were able to come to the u.s. >> the system failed her
to us. 1,500, pesos, under $40. mama lucy is what is called a mamasan. she manages the girls. we decline her offer. but she calls benjamin to come meet us. >> hi. good to meet you. >> sitting at the bar -- >> reporter: within minutes the 6'6" texan tells us about his sex life and his business. a former waitress had written to his wife in california on facebook. which lead to this shocking and frank statement. >> she is saying i have underaged girls, [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. oblivious to our hidden cameras, benjamin tells hus he has a 16-year-old girlfriend who lives out back. >> tiny, dark skinned girl. needed a police to stay. place to stay. i bought a bar to do it. >> reporter: after texting her to come over, she walks in. she is so young. that we are blurring her face to protect her identity. [ indiscernible ] >> benjamin's declarati was so stunning, the following morning we felt we had to alert special agent eric mcgloughlin. building a case against benjamin. on tape, i have had sex with underaged girls repeatedly. that's not enough. >> it is a very strong indication. we have to as inve
gonzalez shows us, other shoppers got an early start when kmart opened at 6:00 this morning. >> it resembles black friday, but this mad rush is being called grey thursday. stores opening earlier than ever before on thanksgiving. not bad for $40. and shopable to stop for my grandson, and he will be happy on christmas day. >> stores are becoming more bold with the national retail federation part getting a jump of 3.9% compared to last year. kmart is staying opening -- staying open 31 hours straight. >> is this thing going to fit onto the tree? >> a holiday survey found 28% of consumers are willing to skip pumpkin pie and turkey and head straight to the stores. however, shopping in maine, rhode island and massachusetts is illegal thanks to some blue laws. some wish that was the case at home. know. i don't really do this. >> shopping on thanksgiving day could become just as popular as and turkeyl, parades itself. what are you buying? tv for mying a father. >> when do you plan on eating turkey? >> i plan on missing it this year. >> we found people literally camping out outside th
worse. >> state transportation officials say it used to be everybody left on the wednesday before thanksgiving. now it is a mess tonight. it wasn't moving ok earlier. >> the slowest trip is i-95. >> it looks like this for the better part of 40 miles. did and get much better to the north. into continues northbound montgomery county. >> it was a disaster in both directions. >> rush-hour plus rain was a bad ombination tonight. it may be as bad or worse tomorrow. there was even bumper to bumper traffic waiting to use this gas station. he has another method. the maryland state highway administration says the weather wrench into real things. it has led people to change travel lands. the rain is really coming down best now. they say the thing to do tomorrow is to watch the forecast. david is stowing a little bit she can guarantee the roads are going to be terrible. it may be worth waiting, even if it's a long time. it could make travel a lot smoother. >> so much for the roads. how about if you are not driving ? if you are planning on flying. jay, how are things shaping up there? >> it is
. and help one another. >> reporter: to the 48,000 u.s. troops still serving in afghanistan. many coming together over turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, a taste of home on this holiday. >> message to my family would be that i love and miss them and i will see them soon. >> reporter: president obama calling ten service members, thanking them and publicly sharing his gratitude for all who serve. for other families, a day shared around the table or watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> i like everything about this. >> reporter: everything including those iconic balloons making their trek in new york city after almost left out but a of high winds. >> great call. worked out well. >> reporter: one more thing to be thankful for. >> happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: the only hiccup, the spiderman balloon bumped in to a tree outside of central park and part of it deflated but it was able to finish the parade. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> thank you. >>> brooklyn nets coach jason kidd is lighter in the wallet this morning after fined for spilling a drink. the incident happened on we
republicans forced his hahand after what he called unprecedented use of the filibuster on three of president obama's nominees to the d.c. circuit court of appeals. the move short-circuits filibusters on most presidential nominees except for those from the u.s. supreme court. >> important and most dangerous >> the most important and most dangerous restructuring of rules since thomas jefferson wrote them. enough is enough. >> this is too important to keep falling prey day after day to washington politics. >> we are approaching a slippery slope that will destroy the vy unique aspect of this institutioion called the united states senate. >> i'm wonderg if senator mccain has a point. will the senate begin to resemble the house? >> it will. you will see a marked increase in partisanship. the filibuster was not used and the republicans have abused it and overused it aand trivialized it. and the grgreat civil rights fit of 1964, the difference betwtwen then and now was found in the vote. they were 29 vos to keep the filibuster going against this -- the civil rights act of 1964. 24 of those were cas
new mexico, and if you are watching us on the east coast tonight, get ready. this is where it all started in the west with drenching rain in california, shattering records in phoenix. then the snow, as well. the roads inial we career key looking like winters in the northeast. and tonight, at the dallas ft. worth airport, they are de-icing planes at this hour. delays counting. hundreds of flights canceled for tomorrow. tonight here, the forecast. but first, the pictures of the storm that's already been deadly. we begin here with abc meteorologist ginger zee. >> reporter: parts of the southwest, barely visible tonight. an intense punch of pre-holiday winter is slowly lumbering east. already killing at least eight people. most in car accidents. in new mexico, up to a foot and a half of snow. amarillo, texas, halted on the highway. spinning in almost five inches of snow. and in oklahoma city, a fresh coat. the storm's next stop, dallas. where they could get up to a tenth of an inch of ice. the city pretreating roads. the air ports de-icing planes, watching the number of delays climb u
. diane is with our family tonight and it's great to have you with us here. despite the storm millions had to travel through, you made it. spectators getting into the spirit, dressed as turkeys to watch the macy's day parade, joy on the faces of the children watching the balloons go by. we cannot forget who we need to thank on this holiday, the soldier in afghanistan. as many of you try to enjoy your dinner, just look at the long lines already forming at the mall this thanksgiving. so many shoppers who cut dinner short. more stores open this thanksgiving than ever before and if anyone needs reminding take a look at this. this is what's coming tomorrow. black friday and we have team coverage from the shopping centers to the weather center. we begin with abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis at toys r us in times square. happy thanksgiving, rebecca. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving. more stores than ever this year has opened today. here at toys r us people lined up since this morning to get inside. once they opened the doors, the cash registers started ringing within five minutes.
deal could spell problem for one of the u.s.' biggest allies. good morning, washington starts right now. >> good morning, washington, i'm jummy olabanji. >> i'm autria godfrey. the big weather story is also across the country, jacqui. >> late this week, thingses will calm down but we have big changes headed this way. the cold air felt over the weekend, still feeling with frigid conditions. it is 24 degrees in d.c. and our wind chill factor is 15. you're in the teens in gaithersburg, 19 is your temperature with a wind chill of 10. s at dulles with the -- 21 at dulles with the wind chill of 11. it is a quiet day with sunshine to start and clouds increasing this afternoon. we will have two opportunities this week of wintry weather. first of all, tomorrow morning, especially southwest of d.c. we could see a light, wintry mix and possibly ending with the system late wednesday with a few snow showers. overall, travel on wednesday will mainly be rain so keep that in mind at the d.c. airport, so that is a little bit of good news out of all of this. i will have details headed your way and let yo
were with us. >> thanks so much. >> timgayle sayers has beeeen my >>> good morning, america. this morning, extreme weather. a large and lethal storm slamming the american southwest, with record rain, high wind and dangerous ice. and it's all now moving east, as we head into one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. >>> breaking overnight, airport panic. travelers at l.a.x. rushed to the exits after reports of a man with a gun. this, just weeks after the murder of a tsa officer. >>> from the airport to the air. look at this video from a scary flight. >> there's a bomb on the plane. >> a man losing it mid-air, alerting his fellow passengers. what set him off? and what happened next? >>> and finally found. an american woman kidnapped as a baby 20 years ago, allegedly by her own mother. where she was located halfway around the world. >>> good morning. lots to tell you about this morning, including -- >> settle down. >> what? >> good morning. >> well, after being delayed by bad weather, harry finally arrived in antarctica, for his adventure. the challenges he'll face along the
us from fairfax did tell the story. the family of joseph chatman said they were so enraged by the response of the everly funeral home that they literally called local police. officers told them mixing up bodies is not a crime. abc 7mmediately called news hoping for one thing. this should never happen. >> it feels like he is walking into a nightmare because inside the funeral home, he is supposed to be viewing his 80-year-old father. when they approached the coffin, they knew the man inside the coffin was not their father. >> no way, there couldn't be this much change. it was a picture on my phone that we put up next to him. >> he summoned the funeral home staff members. >> they dismissed us. >> joseph chatman had a twin brother. directorm the funeral -- >> 15 minutes later, they i am frustrated and angry. >> they discovered the uniform. chapman was an army colonel. they dressed the wrong man in the uniform it took him 28 years to earn. >> degradation beyond words. >> the funeral home refused to answer our questions. >> i just ask that you step outside the property. his dad
assassinated and how that memory has stayed with us 50 years later. >> a major shopping day could mean a major mess on the roadways. we have everything you need to know before you go as a new outlet store opens and is expected to draw tens of thousands of bargain hunters. >> we will tell you about the social media campaign that is catching everyone's eye. abc7 news begins right now. it is 5:00, rise and shine. good morning, washington, i'm jummy olabanji. >> i'm autria godfrey. time to get your morning starts so you can head into the weekend. jacqui? >> the weekend is not looking so grade. today is looking nice so liberty' enjoy that, go with that. temperatures in the 40s. we have clouds around this morning and that helps to hold the temperatures up in the overnight hours. anything that does develop this morning should stay relatively light, and the best chance of rain will come later on this afternoon. the weather headlines, a few showers. have the umbrella on stand by. the highs could make it into the lower 60s before the day is done but it is going to become very blustery and cold this week
president. >> president kennedy's daughter caroline became the u.s. ambassador to japan. she commemorated today's anniversary privately. >> thank you. tonight, at 5:30 p.m. where were you when president kennedy was killed? local residents remember. >> an alarming story in montgomery county. a three week old baby is taken away from its mother after a neighbor found the baby being carried inside a diaper bag. they took the baby's mother away . neighbors are revealing what the mother allegedly said to them. witnesses are mothers themselves. they witnessed the mother acting strangely. but to takechoice action. a mother whisked away to a hospital. , i am going to kill my baby. it was the parking lot of the damascus apartment. i could smell alcohol on her breath, she was incoherent. >> the mother knocked on her front door several times this morning. she appeared to be disoriented. >> kind of freaked out. she saw theater, mother stumbling down the apartment steps with a diaper tote bag in her hand. >> where is the baby? i looked down and the baby was inside the bag. >> she took the diaper bag wi
is heading for us. it has already claimed the lives of at least 12 people and led to massive flight cancellations in dallas. now we are bracing for the impact that we could see on your thank giving travel plans. a massive storm system is on a collision course with holiday travelers. it is already upending plans for getting around as thanksgiving approaches. the driver in this oklahoma wreck was unhurt, but the mixture of snow, sleet, and freezing rain is threatening to make for a treacherous holiday track. -- trek. can't stop it, i guess. >> it has been blamed for at least a dozen deaths, mostly in the road accidents. >> a lot of snow, a lot of ice. >> it is fake. there is a lot of snow on top of , thehat is being packed on more cars that run over it. >> at dallas-fort worth, international -- a dallas-fort worth international airport, travel backups are headed east. it took a hovercraft and helicopter to pull this hunter to safety. in oklahoma, the weather waylaid these fellows. they were grounded when they forook ice in the road water. >> they have bruising and bleeding on the end
champion starts us off. good evening, sam. >> reporter: good evening, george. there is a light, cold rain in central park. this prethanksgiving storm has made it on the east coast. look at the radar. it's the entire east coast, every eastern state from the gulf coast to maine is getting something outs of this storm. there is still the possibility of severe weather in north florida all the way to coastal a carolinas. let's head south a little bit though because that's the area that took the brunt of the storm during the day today deep into atlanta where they had a break in the rain for a couple of hours but now back into rain and there is even a possibility of that cold air bringing light snow in the morning. our gio benitez is standing by in atlanta right now. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you from a wet atlanta, so much rain here all day long, so many accidents and the timing couldn't be worse. for millions of americans tonight, getting to grandma's house for thanksgiving means doing battle with mother nature. >> it's going to be a hectic day on tap for us. >> heading home f
of the frenzy throughout the day. tom joins us lye from wood bridge. what's the scene like there? >> if i was standing here a year ago today at this same moment this place would be empty except for a few employs getting ready. to night they opened earlier than ever before, at 8:00 tonight and the crowds responded. there are a lot of people who ate a turkey dinner and then came straight to the mall. >> 6:00 thanksgiving night is the earliest best buy has ever opened. a lot of people, some of whom slept outside the store in tents last night streamed in. >> meanwhile to the south crowds gathered outside a much bigger place also getting set to open earlier than ever. for the past half decade they've opened at midnight. tonight they open the doors at 8:00 and a whole lot of people streamed in. >> i couldn't believe how many people were out here. >> deborah and her relatives made the trip a holiday tradition. >> we come here every thanksgiving and we don't even shop. we just come for the experience. >> nuts. >> he admits if not for his girlfriend he would not be out in this. >> she's the reason
the store gave out tvs to the back end of the line. >> they tried to get it from us. she started hitting her. >> reporter: another walmart customer in new jersey got into a scuffle with police. walmart correspondent replaced a statement overnight saying, our stores and employees did a good job calming things down quickly when incidents occurred last year. and we anticipate that to continue this year. these black friday shoppers were more tame and thrilled with the eye-popping deals. >> we're here to get the playstation for $99. >> i'm here early just so i can get in and out and go to the next store. >> reporter: this year, holiday sales are expected to hit nearly $600 billion. and stores tried to cash in by opening on thanksgiving. >> get out and beat the rush. >> hopefully, they'll get all their dolls and toys and over with. >> reporter: the deals this year are better than ever. the average discount, 35% off. that's up from 25% in 2010. 140 million americans are expected to shop in stores or online this weekend. experts say there's no rush. many retailers will keep these deals through the s
a chilling tweet. we have the story from our miami station. >> always be with us in our hearts. >> reporter: the flame lit candles and tears that fell among this large crowd are for katlin ferrante. >> i never realized how many friends katlin had. >> a kind spirit given even in death. >> this morning they took her heart and gave it to someone else and now they are breathing and alive because of katlin. >> reporter: the 21-year-old died from injuries she received over the weekend. when the driver drove the wrong way and slammed in to katlin's car, instantly killing her best friend. the mourners said their final good-byes to marissa. >> no family should endure this. >> reporter: some disturbing posts on social media from the wrong-way driver, kayla mendoza that survived. two and a half hours before the crash, she tweeted too drunk to care and other messages of being high, like can't sleep without my bedtime -- >> cops are aware of the message sglls this young lady will suffer the consequences of her actions and statements. >> but it is a blow for katlin. 's family. >> we have two guardian ang
weekend long. stay up-to-date on and you can also like us on facebook. baby isee week old taken away from its mother after a neighbor finds that baby inside a diaper bag. it is a troubling story. neighbors tell us she is a good mother and is a victim herself. that neighbor who locked herself inside the rental office knows the mother of the infant since they were in high school. what happened here is not about abandonment. it is depression wrought on by domestic abuse -- brought on by domestic abuse. >> i think she snapped. she cannot conceal the terror sheaf -- the terror she felt this morning. >> she is holding a baby. >> it was not her baby. >> she started crying. >> she is referring to her downstairs neighbor. stumbling down the stairs with a diaper bag. >> where is the baby? the baby was in the bag. , it was herthe mom friend and neighbor of more than 10 years, but she hardly recognized her this morning. the rental office was the closest refuge. i did not know what else to do, so i took the baby and ran. she has been victimized herself for years. police have been out here se
's a little kid with a big heart. he's travelled to times square to save us all on this very special morning. our exclusive with america's hero. ♪ >>> ladies' night at the amas. j. lo's salsa sizzles. and bit bull brings down the house. and he's flown all night to get to "gma." >> just wrapped up the amas. going to "gma." so get ready. >>> and good morning erks america. boy, you had to hold on to your seat this is monday morning. pitbull here live. bat kid roaming the halls. and look who is back from his honey moon. sam champion. >> speaking of roaming the halls. >> i was going to bring pictures of my vacation. but i think you already had them. >> oh, boy. >> we have life-sized posters of sam on the beach. different than brazil, the weather out here. that storm has rewreaked havoc over much of the country. >> got started in the southwest. it's going all week long. no way you won't be affected by this storm. virtually half of the country say fekted by this storm. whether you're getting there or leaving, it's a problem. we start with the first pictures out of parts of western oklahoma. 13, 1
that ended with a woman was shot to death outside the u.s. capitol. >> as many as 30 people are believed dead after an overloaded freighter capsized off the coast of the bahamas. guard arrived, they found haitian migrants clinging to the whole of the ship. over 100 people had fallen into the water. for the is a new call justice department to investigate the shooting of a woman outside the u.s. capitol and october. the attorney representing miriam that theamily thanks deputies who shot her mishandled the encounter. car intoied to ram her the white house barrier. records show that she suffered from delusions. radel will stay in office despite calls for him to step down. of cocaineicted possession. the republican party suggested he step down. he was busted by an upper -- undercover cops are -- officer last month. >> a warning tonight that thieves may be trying to use your fire escape against you. >> burglars are using the escapes to break into people's homes. one woman found an intruder in her home. >> you hear about it but don't expect it to happen especially when you're home. >> this 31-year-o
resources online. liking us on facebook or by downloading our storm watch weather app. >> if you're planning to rent a car here in the area over the thing skimming holiday, get ready to spend a lot more money than usual. aaa says car rental rates are up i-40%. local reports -- at locations.d if you're looking for discount, go to the independent dealers instead of the big national chains. >> we learn to the obama administration has delayed another key portion of the affordable care act. the way small businesses provide coverage to their employees. political reporter is here to explain. upthey can still sign through a broker or insurer. the online option is being put off for year. they cannot as easily compare plans or shop around. it is another setback. president obama was the stowing his blessing upon it rubble of thanks giving turkeys today. >> i will give them right -- give them a break. >> he is looking for a break these days. three more before the self- imposed deadline for working website. there is some good news. the interest in signing up is notable when looking at well -- how well th
of this storm, just cruel for the 39 million of us hitting the road this thanksgiving. the pre holiday hustle clogged in tennessee, an oil tanker flipped. in boston, gusty winds near 40 miles per hour. in atlanta, snow! the first measurable november snow they've had since 1975. along the east coast, we've had a solid soaking with at least one to two inches of rain almost everywhere. in north carolina, they're cleaning up after two tornadoes sliced into buildings tossing debris. >> we heard it, it was just a high pitch whistle like. >> reporter: and less than 24 hours after the tornadoes, jaw dropping snow. >> it's snowing pretty heavy right now. >> reporter: tires were spinning from new york to lake effect snow land in lake michigan as travelers fought through those streets. no, it isn't horrible everywhere. they're loving the snow at ski resorts like this one in michigan. weather or not, more people on the road means more accidents. on the night before thanksgiving progressive insurance found a 24% increase involving accidents involving rear end and parking. fortunately this storm is out of
in the war? >> i understand that in u.s. and western countries, there is misleading information and propaganda about pprk. >> could this be the first step toward his eventual release? >>> also breaking overnight, chopper crash. a police helicopter crashes into a club while a band is performing on stage. the intense efforts to rescue the revelers trapped inside. >>> buying and brawling. new images this morning of black friday gone wrong. record sales provoking bad behavior in the aisles. why would a woman bring a taser to the mall? >>> and they don't call him russ-diculous for nothing. russell westbrook with an amazing come-from-behind, overtime, buzzer-beater. wait until you see this play. >>> good morning, everybody. also coming up on "gma" on this saturday morning, a mystery illness in las vegas. dozens of young football players becoming violently ill right in the mildle of their championships. many of them rushed to the hospital. our dr. rich besser is here with more on this. >> some of the kids as young as 7 years old. >>> also ahead, miracle rescue. a teenager plunges 80 fe
a shooting in the 100 block of 34th street. officers tell us the victim was not responsive when they arrived on the scene. his injuries are considered life-threatening. we will bring you updates as soon as they are available. >> the contractor is arrested, accused of stealing copper wire. the investigation revealed evidence that he removed copper wire on several occasions between june and november. police tell us he sold it for cash. the exact value is not known, but the lease to leave it exceeds $10,000. we are about to get our first taste of real winter this weekend. doug has a first look at our forecast. >> it is shaping up as being the coldest afternoon in the month of november we have had in five years. right now 46 outside the weather center, 48. areasorrow morning most remain in the 40's. we haven't dropped much. cloud cover and a southwesterly wind all contribute to these temperatures. here is what we are watching as we head to the weekend. rain chances coming our way tomorrow ahead of the cold front . we will let you know how cold it will be and how long this remains coming up in a
will hold a special mass remembering the country's 35th president. >> and here's a live look at the u.s. capitol. president obama, though you cannot see it here, has ordered all the flags on government buildings to be flown at half staff today. earlier this week, president obama visit president kennedy's gravesite. today, he is meeting with representatives from the peace corps, which president kennedy established. if the years ago, president kennedy was trying to shore up the lyrical support and texas -- 50 years ago, president kennedy was trying to shore up the lyrical support in texas. that was the reason or his visit. they got into the 1961 lincoln continental that carried them through the streets of dallas and into one of the nation's saddest chapters. alsoemembrance of that day includes some controversy. a sad day in dallas. >> you are exactly right, but many people are coming here to remember that day. let me tell you about the event that will be taking place. this is just minutes from now. organizers say this event will be pretty low key. it is going to be solemn. to describe it
are use to dealing with cold in the d c area, but some people are surprised that we received this blast this early. tom roussey continues live team coverage from the lincoln memorial. down, butds are dying it is still awfully cold especially for this time of year. 21 degrees below average. normally, you will see folks hanging out with the steps there. there is no one there. this cold is keeping a lot of people away. many did find things to do outside tonight. >> ironically, one of the best ways to stay warm tonight was to get on the ice. if you continue to skate around, you feel less cold. it affected cold, the zamboni at the pentagon city outdoor rink. harry tran spent about 12 hours, , getting itutside to work right. >> trying to stay outside, make sure the machine is running. 10 degreess all most colder than the average high in mid-january which is the coldest time of year around here. in d c, it is not the cold. it is the windchill. today saw gusts of up to 45 miles per hour. that didn't stop people from going outside tonight. in some cases, in shorts. up,e jonathan blair grew tonig
out. terry, good morning. terry, walk us through the nuts and bolts of this deal first. >> reporter: okay, dan, what an extraordinary scene it was in the wee hours in that hotel behind me. after a marathon session -- here's what you need to know -- this is a temporary deal but still a big deal. iran has agreed to freeze much of its nuclear program and it has agreed to open up key nuclear facilities to daily inspections by international officials. what does iran get? money. $6 billion to $7 billion in sanctions relief. that's a small portion of the crippling sanctions that brought iran's economy to its knees. and finally, this is a temporary agreement, six months to buy time, build confidence, trying to achieve a comprehensive deal, as the president was describing. that's a far, far tougher thing to do, though. >> and terry, this has caused a major divide between the united states and israel. president obama saying that the deal opens up a new path toward a world that's more secure. israeli prime minister counter that by saying that the world has become much more dangerous. who's rig
, respecting their employees is not stopping toys "r" us, best buy. they will open in about 59 minutes. , all whole bunch of others will be opening. say, thet is fair to holiday season is with us. >> stores a welcomed hundreds of earlybird shoppers. the doors at kmart have been opened since 6:00 a.m. ia, it's really interesting. the stores have been filled. look at this kmart here in hyattsville. lines of people all over this store, shopping, shopping, shopping. here at 6:00 a.m., the first round of sales at 6:00 a.m.. the next round of sales a little later on. this has been a way it is everywhere we have gone. 40%, 50%, 80% off. before the get deals even bigger sales tonight and tomorrow. >> [indiscernible] >> places like kmart, the shopping has been brisk all day, and the big selling -- the big savings on items like electronics will start after thanksgiving dinner. water, trash cans -- andrea dickson at the walmart in but we starting christmas shopping. you work 40 hours a week you do not have time for a long wait. hadot everyone out here christmas shopping on their mind. janet hagan brough
stadium, folks, they're about to become 17-1 in the last 18 games here. so for some much us, it was a little bit surprising when they were a huge underdog at home. the win tonight makes them 17-1 in the last 18 games here in boone pickness stadium. and that was glidden, return man over there. this would give them a seven-game win streak after the loss. and mike gundy, he spent a year as an assistant coach at baylor in 1996. he was an assistant there. and one thing about the baylor program, when you look around waco, within four hours, there are 100-150 division i prospects every year. i'm not surprised they have turned this around. second down and six. childs the ball carry as the clock ticks away. did they turn it over? was there a strip down there? baylor thinks they got the football. but i think it's being marked down. and there is the young man who is certainly down. >> kirk: yeah, that's the freshman, childs. >> brent: we have to think about oklahoma state and where they will climb. they were tenth in the bcs rankings. >> kirk: without a doubt. >> brent: you have oregon
of them great kids. >>> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great monday. >> if you have not felt it yet, you probably know we're dealing with some of the coldest air of the season and this wintry blast is threatening to make a mess of one of the busiest travel days. >>> and, the debate of the city raising the ibm minimum wage. good morning, i'm jummy olabanji. >> i'm autria godfrey. it is so cold out there. jacqui jeras is here talking about teens and 20s today. >> winds will be a little bit lighter so it might not feel quite so bad but it is a brutal start. we've got 25-degrees in d.c. the wind chill is 16. at dulles the temperature is 20, and the wind chill is only 11. the temperature in frederick is 23 with 11 deny for the wind chill. gaithersburg, you are in the teens at 19 with a wind wind chf 9. we have two opportunities for some winter weather that will be early tuesday morning and late on wednesday but the large majority of wednesday for your holiday travel we think will be rain. with we will have specifics in the futurecast coming up in a few minutes from the be
, lindsey wouldn't seep another birthday. >> i used to go to her apartment every day, when she got sick and du do her therapy. i would walk to work knowing, my daughter was dying before my eyes and nothing i could do about it. >> reporter: on the morning of april 4, 2011. the call came that just might save her life. >> oh, my god. i got the phone call. abc news is there. >> oh, my god. >> i love you, good luck. >> they called. they said they have a potential match. it will be for real. as soon as my mom called she was screaming you. got to call. you got the call. i never heard. >> the only three word that could come out of my mouth. i couldn't have any other word. >> reporter: while lindsey and her family head to new york presbyterian, dr. jonathan yang is heading across town. and if everything is in tiptop shape we will accept the organs. it will be heartbreaking if they weren't healthy and we would have to reject them. >> checking into the hospital, lindsey knows this is her only chance. fear takes second place. to reality. i wouldn't have the attitude i have or -- or the strength i h
a dollop of daisy >> thanks for joining us. make sure to catch "hunger games catching fire" this weekend. we follow the stars to the big apple, take you backstage and even h hit the stage ourself pc we'll see you next time "on the red carpet." >>> good morning. i'm tai hernandez in for diana perez. >> i'm john muller. here's the stories we are following on "world news now." massive storm is dumping heavy snow, icing roads, cancelling hundreds of flights and killed at least eight people. we will get the latest from accu-weather in moments. >> the first official report on the connecticut school shooting today. it won't have many details. the victim's families want it that way. >>> michael jackson's doctor is refusing to take responsibility for the singer's death. in his first interview since getting out of jail, conrad murray says michael jackson was a drug addict and he claims that michael jackson administered the fatal dose of propofol. >>> an off duty rochester, new york cop and mother pulled them out. these are some of the stories we are working on this november 25th. >> from abc news,
lot going on. they're some of the hottest gifts are the year, but for some of us on the outside, buying a game console is confusing. >> minute ten dough is all i know -- nintendo is all i know. >> coming up, we will have more on h >> checking our top stories at 5:15 this morning applier is in the hospital after being -- a police officer is in the hospital after being dragged by a car trying to stop a suspected shoplifter. this happened at a kohl's in romeoville, illinois. a second officer shot at the car's driver. the driver and the officer who was dragged sufficients nonlife threatening injuries and the driver and two other suspects are in custody this morning. >>> stores are expected to be packed as black friday sales continue. the deals are expected to be better than ever. the average disis 25% off. this year, holiday sales are expected to total nearly $600 billion. >>> wal-mart employees across the u.s. plan to protest this black friday. one demonstration is set to take plaque inlandover. the past few days, employees rallies out stores. they want more full-time work and a sa
.c. sting. >>> powers, including the u.s., are struggling to reach a deal with iran over its nuclear program. one of the sticking points is the demand that iran halt its nuclear program for six months. the more comprehensive agreement is worked out. the senate is promising more ascensions in december if the deal is not reached. >>> in europe, a scary scene, as a grocery store ceiling collapses on to shoppers. 25 people have died in this collapse in latvia. three of them were firefighters when a second portion of the roof fell down. it appears to be caused by workers building a winter garden on the roof. >>> a jumbo jet has made its way to the right airport. pilots mistakenly landed at an airplane in wichita, kansas, instead of mcdonnell air force base. there were fears that the plane couldn't take off again. the plane barely cleared the smaller runway but made it. >>> also making news on this busy travel friday, a change. >> plan to allow in-flight cell phone calls with passengers waiting no time to weigh in. it's a ban that's been in place for 22 years. no cell phone calls until you touch d
helmet. >> oh. the bike accident was planned. >> it was used for the first time in canada, where it actually saved a life. here's the video. there's the mayor. mayor ford. he runs over this woman. oh, look at this. saves a life. >> the crack-smoking mayor of toronto -- is at it again. amid the chaos, mayor ford nearly knocked a councilwoman to the ground, as he ran across the room. >> she got into politics thinking, this may be a dirty, unrewarding business. at least i'll never have to worry about going to work and being trampled by a crackhead. >> did you see the video of the couple that did the dance routine from "dirty dancing" at their wedding? i think they were inspired by this couple up in canada. take a look. >> all i can remember is my eyes locking with his. ♪ i had the time of my life >> good stuff. >>> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." and have a great friday, everyone. >> it was day that changed our country. we take a look back to the 1960s to the november afternoon an american president was assassinated an
as part of the u.s. military draw down, they shutter their base for a final time. and start their long journey home. >> reporter: they wait to greet their soldiers as three anxious wives get ready for the reunion they have been waiting for in nine months. >> yeah. >> i am more excited about him coming home than it was about the day we got married. >> one of the greatest moments. >> finally -- after almost a year -- counting down day after day. the excitement of the homecoming outweighed perhaps by the anticipation. of their loved ones finally returning home. for specialist fuller it is the tunnel vision he predicted. the search as if in slow motion until -- success. for all they knew, captain lott and britney may have been the only two in that whole entire room. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: has a single senten sentence, this is my daddy, ever soun sounded so good. >> what do you think, 275 days later? >> i love seeing him with her. greatest thing ever. >> reporter: how does she feel? >> felt pretty light. >> reporter: yeah. >> new. >> reporter: yeah. >> fragile. for these military fa
deal with iran reached after months of negotiations. tahman bradley joins us live from washington with more. tahman? >> john, good morning to you. the obama administration say this is is an important first step. over the week end, president obama phoned the israeli prime minister. and secretary of state john kerry will meet with more members of congress. they clinched the deal. iran and six world powers reached agreement to halt iran's nuclear program. >> israel will be safer. the region will be safer. iran's 20% you ra-- uranium wil be destroyed. >> in return, the u.s. and allies will ease some economic sanctions, about $7 billion worth. many are skeptical that iran will change. >> it's an historic mistake. >> reporter: israel condemned the deal. some members of congress expressed doubts. >> i would caution the president from overselling the deal. it's not a full dismantling of their program. >> reporter: before the geneva meeting, the administration held secret talks with iran. a longer term deal should require iran give up its ability to enrich uranium. >> i thing you'll see on
, things could have been much worse." she went on to thank u.s. capitol police and the metropolitan police department for their assistance. we did speak with u.s. capitol police and they say they have been no -- there have been no arrests at this time. back to you. quick thank you. atf officer and a p.e. teacher are dead. they were found inside their home on point pleasant drive at 5 a.m. this morning. police are saying only that the deaths are a result of a domestic situation. two teenage daughters were at the home at not heard. vote could come to change the way in which the military deals with sexual assault. a comes after a day of tense debate that is dividing even strong allies. rebecca cooper is in the newsroom with the latest. >> president obama has not weighed in but other top democrats have and they are sharply divided. harry reid supports the bill. the senate armed services committee chairman carl levin strongly opposes it. today as the debate laid out on the senate for, we talked to a victim who fought back and is teaming up with senate advocates to try to change the system. the
-tech infiltration. for the robots, the eyes are the windows to more than just the soul, they're giving us a bird's eye view of the romance, the dramas, and the all-out waddle war. >> announcer: keep it right here, america, "nightline" is back in just 60 seconds. >>> good evening. thank you for joining us. getting ready to go home for the holidays? even if you bought your plane ticket you are not home free yet. airlines make billions off those pesky extras you just can't do without. and if you are traveling with kids. the numbers only fly higher. abc's linz linzie davis found o what you need to save big on tonight's "nightline" "on the lookout." >> reporter: it is 7:00 in the morning. >> we call a bug out. >> reporter: 4 month dillon and big brother like are off to a rough start. it is going to be a long day. their mom claire is producer for "nightline." tasked with a tough assignment. she is about to board a flight to atlanta with both kids, all their stuff in tow, just to uncover exactly how much families are going to pay this holiday season in extra airline fees on top of the ticket price. we
run websites and on the streets there were those who told us they're willing to wait it out. could take as much as two or three more years. i am fine with that. whatere are jitters about will happen when that fixes must be complete. up,- if 200,000 try to sign there would be website crashes. is joiningrict the push.ates in the president had asked the plans be extended for one year. the department of insurance is more than 21,000 district residents will have to buy new policies. >> police arrest a man accused of looking into apartment bedrooms and windows. arrestedounty police joseph garrett, junior. a witness tells police they saw garrett hiding by an air- conditioning unit and looking into apartments. officers say they found drugs on him. he is charged with being a peeping tom and drug possession. >> the longtime headquarters of "the washington post" is sold for 150 nine dollars. graham holdings company come the former parent company, announced a deal today. it is expected to close at the end of march. the will lease space in building until 2015. the newspaper's new owner, jeff be
. >> this is not to simply seek out areas that we think favor us. it is a process of conducting a fair and balanced recount. >> it will be germanic in safari as we have never done a recount of the size. >> as for those under-vote ballots, one democrat and one republican will determine which if any the vote should go to. ballots will be sent to that court in richmond will who -- which will meet for the first time today. >> thank you. another house discovered in arizona. three girls were allegedly being held captive. >> a robbery at a local dollar store leads -- leaves an employee hospitalized. see what the suspect got away with. >> parents are angry because they have been told on what they call short notice that they have to find a new place for their children. i will have that story coming up. head-to-head for america's vote. >> which >> investigators say a man who churchide and ocean city with his body on fire was doused in some sort of accelerant. that man died yesterday and the flames spread to the rest of the church. the reverend was also killed in the incident. a third victim, woman, is being treated
on your morning business headlines. >> linda bell he joins us live m bloomberg headquarters. linda bell joins from new york. >> you heard about the violence breaking out over black friday and thanksgiving specials. the national retail federation issues a crowd management guideline with an estimated 140 million americans expected to shop this weekend. this time around, retailers are focused on increased security and even putting on live music to distract shoppers. saturday, you can shop small and avoid the hustle and bustle at the mall. american express promoted small business saturday. press release will give you a one-time $10 craig on your statement. last year, in case you didn't know, consumers spent an estimated $5.5 billion in local shops that day. >>> if air feeling lucky today, groupon is giving away 100 million bucks. i'll tell you how you can get a piece of the pie. back to you. >> sounds good. we will see you in the next hour. black friday sales start earlier and earlier, the question many people are asking is why? >> is this the new thanksgiving tradition. people across the c
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